Equal Opportunity Cell

Mission and Vision

To attain the pinnacle of academic excellence, every educational institution ought to provide equal access for the readily available resources to the students’ community, irrespective of caste, creed, race and colour. Hooghly Mohsin College stands out as an exception in constituting a congenial milieu for the students from all walks of life in creating an ultimate sense of belonging to consider this institute as their “second home”. In this context, the Equal Opportunity Cell of Hooghly Mohsin College takes pride in having a wide array of preparation measures for the underprivileged community. In association with
all the departments, equal opportunity cell of HMC has been continuously upgrading the teaching and learning process by arranging Remedial Classes in regular intervals, especially keeping in mind the socio-economic status of the minority community students, to impart professional success. The respective
departments monitor the slow learners and address their queries on the topics already taught. All the departmental Heads keep track of the slow learners by providing the most updated study materials as per their requirement. Apart from the conventional chalk and talk method of knowledge dissemination, the Equal Opportunity Cell always tries to encourage the students to come up with newer ideas, rendering measures in terms of accessibility to all sorts of academic facilities, arranging seminar talks, panel discussions, students’ seminars, interactive sessions, carrier counselling, awareness campaigns for health and hygiene among female students, health check-ups etc., for their all-round development. The equal opportunity cell also tries to maintain peace, harmony, solidarity in the campus life of students through confidence building and knowledge sharing.