Hooghly Mohsin College is the oldest, glorious, revered, illustrious college since time immemorial, having Post-Graduate sections in several disciplines in Science viz. Botany, Geology, Physiology and Zoology as well as in Humanities viz. English, Political Science, Urdu, and Commerce. Laboratories are the part and parcel of Science disciplines for successful completion of the subject orientation and training. Hooghly Mohsin College possesses well equipped laboratories in each discipline with all amenities related to UG and PG courses – practical as well as research-based activities. Keeping pace with the practical of CBCS syllabus and with the advent of sciences, the college is trying to orient its own students and those of the other colleges along with the faculty members with up-to-date laboratory methodology by organizing various orientation programmes.  Necessary measures have been taken to procure required instruments, chemicals etc. for more enhancements of laboratories.