Philosophy Department

A brief history of the Department

On the 1stday of August, 1836 the College of Mohammad Mohsin was established which came to be known as Hooghly Mohsin College.At first English and Oriental studies were taught. Philosophical issues were included within Oriental studies. In 1868, Psychology and Moral science were introduced. Affiliation in Logic was obtained in 1916.In 1919, Honours course in Philosophy started. The Philosophy department had many eminent personalities as its Professor like Krishnachandra Bhattacharya who also later became the Principal of this College. Eminent figures like Kalidas Bhattacharya, Gangasankara Chattopadhyay, Janhobicharan Mukherjee and Dinanath Dutta were notable students of this department. Philosophy department currently has six full time faculties and two State aided college teachers (SACT). Smt. IsitaGoswami is presently serving as Head of the Department.This department has a rich seminar library which has nearly 600 books. Philosophy department always cater for the needs of the students both academic and non-academic and try to instill values among them so that they can become a responsible citizen. The department has organized various seminars and webinars where eminent speakers have delivered lectures. Mock teaching and students’ seminar (both Offline and Online) were also arranged for the benefit of the students.In the Pandemic situation also the department strived hard for the betterment and welfare of students and college at large.

Sl. Programme Level of study
1 B.A. Philosophy (Hons.) U.G.(HONS)
2 B.A. Philosophy (General) U.G.(GEN.)


Sl. No. Name of the Teachers Designation Qualification Specialization
1 Isita Goswami Associate Professor M.A., M.Phil. Logic
2 Dr. Rachana Basu Associate Professor M.A.,Ph.D Logic, Philosophy of Rabindranath Tagore
3 Dr. Aditi Patra (nee Ray) Associate Professor M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D Indian & Western Ethics, Logic
4 Arpita Kanjilal Assistant Professor M.A. Logic
5 Dr. Shreyasee Majumdar Assistant Professor M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D Buddhist Philosophy
6 Ayanika Chatterjee Assistant Professor M.Phil,PhD (Pursuing) Nyaya Philosophy, Continental Philosophy
7 Mita Ghosh SACT M.A. Nyaya-Vaisesika
8 Arpita Malakar SACT M.A. Logic



Year Program Code Program Name Number of students appeared in the final year examination 1st Class Pass Percentage Highest Marks (%)
2020-21 B.A. in Philosophy (H) B.A. (Honours) 27 15 100 8.06


Year Name of the Student Awards/recognitions University/State/National/ International Sports/ Cultural
2021 Sonam Shaw Online Surya Namaskar Competition State Sports



Session Date Speaker Seminar Type Topic
2022-2023 07.01.23 Department itself State “Digital Education or Blend Mode of Education”, to commemorate Students’ week.
2020-2021 24.5.21 Puja Das Student’s Seminar Problem of Evil: Tagore
24.5.21 Piyali Mitra Student’s Seminar Suicide
24.5.21 Samarpita Sarkar Student’s Seminar Nishkam Karma
24.5.21 Jayashree Santra Student’s Seminar Role of Indian Philosophy in increasing mental strength
24.5.21 Sonam Shaw Student’s Seminar Astanga yoga
25.5.21 Sarama Paul Student’s Seminar Dharma as a Purushartha
25.5.21 Sudeshna Adhikary Student’s Seminar Artha as a Purushartha
25.5.21 Amrita Ghosh Student’s Seminar Moksa as a Purushartha


Session Date Seminar Type
(State /National /International Level)
Seminar Topic Sponsored By
2021 24th June,2020 State Role of Indian Philosophy in the Pandemic scenario Hooghly Mohsin College
14th December,2020 State (Special lecture) The concept of Vyapti: With reference to Annambhatta’sTarkasangraha and its Dipika Hooghly Mohsin College
21st& 22nd December,2020 National Critical Thinking and Philosophizing ICPR
12th June,2021 State Reconsidering Human values and Restoration of Human rights in Pandemic Scenario: Philosophical Perspectives Hooghly Mohsin College