Research Activities

Research activities in the College are undertaken by students as well as teachers of the College. Apart from teachers engaged in research work in their individual capacity under the College affiliation, there are also young teachers who pursue their doctoral research with active encouragement from the College.Quite a few of the faculty members from post graduate departments of the College work as PhD supervisors. There are a few PG departments of the College, namely Urdu, Physiology and Geology, which are the stand-alone departments of the University working only from this College campus.


The College has a Research and Seminar Sub-Committee constituted by the Teachers’ Council of the College. The purpose of this committee is three-fold. First, it seeks to provide a platform for presentation and discussion of research papers, especially of an interdisciplinary nature, and, secondly, it seeks to motivate students at the advanced level to undertake micro-research in their respective fields of study. Individual departments are urged to conduct students’ seminars at appropriate stage of a semester so that students get an opportunity to not only undertake supervised micro-research, but also to learn how to prepare and do a seminar presentation.


Apart from the above two, a third purpose of the sub-committee is to arrange invited talks by eminent intellectuals from research institutes, universities and other colleges on issues of topical and interdisciplinary interest. This is a way to provide the College academic fraternity a window to frontier research being carried out worldwide.