Students Council

The College has a students’ Council. This representative body of the students consists of elected student members, who are elected by general students for a term of one year. Principal of the College is its ex-officio President

The students’ Council plays a useful role in activities such as interclass cultural competitions, Annual Athletic Meet, Saraswati Puja with a grand feast involving all students, Annual Cultural Programme and organization of all Bengal Science and Arts Exhibition under the guidance of a Teacher-in-Charge etc.

To welcome the new students at the onset of the academic session, the Student Council organizes the Freshers’ Welcome each year. This day is dedicated to the freshers to showcase their talents. An electric ambiance is created with the marvellous performances (dance, music, drama, etc.) of both freshers and seniors.

The Council organizes cultural programmes like  Basanto Utsav etc.

The student’s council helps the needy students through Aid–Fund and by providing text and reference books.