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THANKS  TO  DR. MOHANLAL  GHOSH (Alumnus , Ex-Teacher, Distinguished Scientist and Philanthropist) OF  TO LAPHATAK, LAHABAGAN, CHINSURAH, FOR  HIS  SIGNIFICANT  FINANCIAL  CONTRIBUTION  FOR  THE  PROMOTION  OF  TEACHING-LEARNING  PROCESS (Holding One-Day Seminar in Plant Science,Helping P.G. Studies and Constructing a Medicinal Plant Garden-CHARAK) IN  THE  PG. DEPARTMENT  OF  BOTANY, HOOGHLY  MOHSIN  COLLEGE  SINCE  2014.

Hooghly Mohsin  College, Chinsurah, Hooghly is one of the prestigious and heritage institutions in India catering to  the needs of higher education in West Bengal since 1836. We must salute the great philanthropist Haji Muhmmad  Mohsin for the establishment of the college.  The college has produced a galaxy of students in various fields since its inception glorifying the name of this prestigious and premier institution in every corner of the globe. Mention may be made to the name of our great alumnus the SahityaSamrat Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay, the first graduate student  and the   composer  of national anthem ‘BandeMataram’.

We are proud of being the  members of alumni association of such a prestigious institution.

The alumni association of any higher educational institution play a vital role in the advancement of higher education being the stake holder of the institution as recognized by the University Grants Commission. Involvement of alumni association of any higher educational institution is also instrumental for the enrichment  and enhancement of quality education and contribution to bridge the gap between the institution and the society at large.


OUR ACTIVITIES: The Hooghly Mohsin College of  Alumni Association  is actively involved in fostering academic, social and cultural activities arranging seminars, different awareness programmes, nature study,  cultural programmes,observing Independence day, Republic day, Netaji’s birth day, RabindraJayanti, Teachers’ day  and birth centenary of our great illuminaries like 200th death centenary of Haji MuhmmadMohsin and 150th birth centenary ofDwijendralal Royetc in association with the college, helping teaching-learning process and providing financial assistance to the  meritorious and needy students  with fellowships, medalsetc. In addition, our association actively participate with the different academic, cultural and social functions  organized by the college throughout  the year.Mention may be madeto our  various activities in association with the collegefor colourful celebration of  175thth anniversary of our college.It may be mentioned also that the college has been awarded following honours/status like; UGC awarded  CPE, DST-FIST,DBT awarded STAR COLLEGE STATUS, UGC sponsored COP and introduction of MASTER OF LAWS for excellence in academic, social and research activities of the college. We, on behalf of alumni association, must thank all the faculty members of the college for their sincere efforts under the active guidance of the principal Dr. Subhra Kumar Mukhopadhyay backed by not only his brain but also his heart, for achieving such honours.

OUR URGENT DEMAND: Separate building for Law Section, Girls’ Section,Academic Autonomy of P.G. Deptts. and Promotion of the college to the status of a University in the district of Hooghly.

OUR APPEAL: We need co-operation and financial support for carrying out different programmes for all -round development of the college and also request to be a member of this Alumni Association.

Membership: Admission fee-100/-+Annual subscription-250/-

For Financial Assistance-Cheques may be issued in favour of” Alumni Association of Hooghly Mohsin College”.

DR. Mohanlal Ghosh, General Secretary (Mob.9831286466)

Prof. Nandadulal Banerjee, President (Mob. 9836259050).

Mr. Ramkrishna Ghosh, Treasurer(Mob.9088358511)

The college is proud of its enriched alumni.

1. Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay

2. Dwijendralal Roy

3. U.N. Brahmachari

4. Akshay Chandra Sarkar

5. Brahmabandhab Upadhyay

6. Sayed Ameer Ali

7. Indranath Bandyopadhyay

8. Dwaraka Nath Mitra

9. Charuchandra Roy

10. Kanailal Dutta

11. Sambhu Charan Ghosh

12. Shymal Mitra