Health & Hygiene

Health & Hygiene

To cater to the need of an all-round development .of the students’ personality, Hooghly Mohsin College extends all sorts of personal care like the overall hygiene and cleanliness inside the campus as well as taking care of the health of our beloved students, teachers and non-teaching staff. Health & Hygiene Sub Committee of the college performs various health awareness programmes within college campus. It also performs different health and hygiene related activities in the surrounding area outside the college campus. Recently, all the members of this Committee participated actively in the vaccination programme (organized by Govt. of West Bengal) for our students and staff. Seminars/webinars are routinely held on various health and hygiene related topics throughout the year to promote values and benefits of good health and hygiene amongst the students of our institution.


Recent activity:

Hooghly Mohsin College (in association with Health & Hygiene Sub Committee) has observed World AIDS Day on 1st December 2021. On this occasion an offline Seminar on AIDS prevention and control has been organized for raising awareness among the students. Students from all departments made posters and put them on display in many places of the college premises.

Thalassemia camp

World AIDS Day

Blood Group Determination of UG SEM -I StudentsCOVID Awareness Programme

Covid Vaccination Programme 4.10.21 to 8.10.21

Health Awareness Programme on Blood Transfusion

Health Awareness Programme( General health Checkup of students, teachers and non-teaching staffs)